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All the myEASY series plug-ins are developed following a detailed coding standard that ensures their highest quality and are used daily on several professional environments. The myEASY series is about quality plug-ins, passion for WordPress topped with a lot of Love we put in everything we do. We aim to have only happy users and


When you have to maintain more than one WordPress based site, you will sooner or later have to face some small problems that may place you under stress. On this site you will find some plug-ins I made to make my life easier and decided to share with the WordPress community. myPluginSafeUpgrade, created to check if

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Sad story: My hosting provider suspended my account and when they restore it all my websites where a month old ( they lost all my data and made an old backup, the only one they had ), so I lost every article, tweak, and improvement that I have made to my websites. ( So dumb

myEASYbackup 1.0.3 is available

POSTED BY CAMALEO ON NOV 14, 2010 IN NEWS Sorry guys, I messed up with the update system a few days ago and inadvertently released a totally unstable version, labeled 1.0.2. Today I was able to finally release version 1.0.3 that has been tested and approved by our best beta testers. Fixed: On some servers the system commands

Needing Serious Beta Testers

POSTED BY FRANCOIS ON JAN 21, 2011 IN NEWS We have published our new versions of myEASYbackup and myEASYwebally and are looking for a few more serious bet a testers, before releasing our commercial versions of these products. If you are an experienced, or maybe NOT so experienced WordPress User and have some time on your hands, then please get in touch. We want to