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Get the latest free versions of the myEASY series plugins:

  • myEASYwebally
    How much time do you spend to perform your WordPress blogs/sites maintenance?
    This plugin replaces (and offer better features!) than its predecessor, myEASY Plugin Safe Upgrade, now deprecated.
  • myEASYbackup
    Backup, restore, migrate your WordPress installation, both code and MySQL tables, with a single click!
  • myEASYhider
    If you use WordPress to create sites and blogs for your customers, you surely need to hide some features of the administration panel to avoid huge disaster waking you up in the middle of the night!
  • myEASYdb
    Manage your MySQL tables in the easiest and quickest way!

Latest available betas

To install simply remove the original plugin (located in your wp-content/plugins folder) and then install the beta.



  • The upload path is now correctly checked even when it is defined in the Media -> Settings page.
  • Small issue with AJAX when the errors are shown on the screen rather than written in the log file.
  • Fixed a series of problems arising only when the url was starting with `www`.
  • Fixed the path calculation used to execute the Ajax calls – Note: the plugin will not work if you rename its folder name (myeasybackup).
  • Its now possible to download even large data sets (tested with some 6Gb files).
  • Clicking on the “Generate the myEASYbackup KEY” didn’t show the “myEASYwebally PRIVATE API key” request dialog anymore since some mods in version 1.0.5
  • Now its possible to pull data from the services server even on servers where `fopen wrappers` have been disabled.


  • Starting from this version, PHP5 is required for the plugin to work.


  • Tool to remove ALL the plugin settings. For usage instructions please see the /wp-content/plugins/myeasybackup/myeasybackup-reset file.
  • Ability to set the timeout and passive mode for the FTP connections.


Download myeasybackup- 2011-01-31 09:48:20
Downloaded: 62 times



  • Once the plugin is activated it will be immediately recognized by the services site. Before this fix you needed to reload the blog home page to be able to add the blog on the services site.
  • The authorized ip of the main server is now automatically calculated – please allow 24 hours for this change to be taken into effect after you install this update.


  • Fully deactivate and then reactivate after installing this version.


Download myeasywebally- 2011-01-09 11:47:49
Downloaded: 63 times