myEASYbackup 1.0.3 is available


Sorry guys, I messed up with the update system a few days ago and inadvertently released a totally unstable version, labeled 1.0.2.

Today I was able to finally release version 1.0.3 that has been tested and approved by our best beta testers.


  • On some servers the system commands must be called with their explicit full path (eg: `/usr/bin/mysqldump` and not simply `mysqldump`): you can now set the mysqldump path in the settings page.
  • A path issue not allowing to backup, download a dataset and upload a dataset when WordPress is installed in a sub folder: you can now set the wp-admin path in the settings page.


  • To keep the settings page clean, the settings that are usually set once are now grouped and only shown on request – click on the triangle on the right in the “» System settings” line.
  • Changed the newsletter provider as the previous one is going to close his service by the end of 2010.

After you install this version be sure to refresh the settings page at least a couple of times to load the latest css.

If you get the “Please be sure to setup the plugin options before tyring to use it!” when trying to backup: open the setting page, choose a folder to backup (possibly above the public_html/www folder) and save.

Enjoy this version while we are working on some interesting news!

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