When you have to maintain more than one WordPress based site, you will sooner or later have to face some small problems that may place you under stress.

On this site you will find some plug-ins I made to make my life easier and decided to share with the WordPress community.

myPluginSafeUpgrade, created to check if the installed plug-ins are already compatible with the next WordPress version with just a click!
myEASYwebally is the new, enhanced version of myPluginSafeUpgrade. You can get a number of additional useful features.

myEASYbackup, lets you backup, restore or migrate your WordPress installation, all the themes and the plug-ins as well as the MySQL tables, with a single click.

myEASYhider, lf you use the WordPress engine for your customers sites, you surely needed to hide some features of the administration panel to avoid huge disaster waking you up in the middle of the night!

myEASYdb, is the first plug-in I started developing; it’s already usable but I still have to work on it as there are a plethora of planned features that will save you precious time every time you need to create, test and maintain a database structure.

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