myEASYhider let’s you remove almost any item from the Administration pages.

This plugin relies only on core WordPress capabilities. It was created to hide items to users independently from their assigned role as it let’s you decide who will or will not see the items based on his user name.

You can choose the items to remove, for example the Tools and the Plugins menu, from a list of predefined items.
Additionally you can add your customized items.

NEW myEASYhider “ID searcher”: an useful tool when you need to find out the ID of an element you want to hide by simply moving the mouse on the screen.

Initially created for a marketing agency I cooperate, this plugin was needed to fix a bug we found were WordPress under unknown circustances keep asking to update its version to 2.9.2 while reporting that version 2.9.2 is installed.
Moreover the agency needed to give “limited capabilities” to customers having administration privileges; Customers in fact, needs to be independent when its time to add a new user.
At the same time, the agency wanted to avoid their customers “playing around” with the installed plugins, themes, tools and settings to reduce as much as they can urgent (and un-needed!) support requests.

Now available to everyone willing to keep the Administration pages for their customers as “simple” as possible.

If you need to customize the look of your Administration pages, you should consider to buy the Professional version.