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I recently changed the site look with a stylish theme made by an Italian designer. What about letting me know your feelings about the new look?

The nicest comment will get a free unlimited license for both myEASYbackup and myEASYhider PRO: what are you waiting for?

Right after I released the new site look at the beginning of May, I found out that some other sites are distributing the professional versions of myEASYhider PRO plugin for free without my permissions.

As I have invested a lot of time in creating the myEASY’s series plugins and I have a family to take care of, I am forced to copy protect my software. This means I cannot release it under the GPL License anymore. For this reason some of my plugins were removed from the plugin directory – without notice! – on May 15, 2012!!

Starting today, all the myEASY’s series plugins are exclusively available at MYEASYWP.COM:

  • myEASYwebally
  • myEASYbackup
  • myEASYhider

I hope to keep serving your needs the myEASY way as I did in the last 2 years.

Thank you to everyone who contributed in the past by donating any amount of money! I will soon send all contributors a free coupon for licenses for both myEASYwebally and myEASYbackup plugins!

Ugo Grandolini aka Mr. Camaleo

Take care and please keep supporting the software industry!
Ugo Grandolini

Thanks to the feedback of a number of users we finally released a new version of the myEASYhider PRO plugin.

* Custom items were still shown, even if properly set.
* The custom icon was not shown on the admin bar (PRO).

* Ability to hide the “Plugin Updates” and “Comments awaiting moderation” items in the admin bar – the PRO version allow to customize these settings for each role.

If you are a legitimate myEASYhider PRO customer, ask for your free upgrade!

Fixed a directory traversal vulnerability that allowed for arbitrary file downloads.

It is warmly advised to install the new version as soon as possible!

Now fully compatible with WordPress 3.3.1, myEASYhider PRO 1.1 have now improved with these new features:

  • Hide the Personal Options section in the users settings page, useful if you want to force users to have the Admin Menu Bar in the dashboard
  • All CSS and JS code is now supplied both as full source code and minified for better performances.

The PRO version has also some new features:

  • Hide the entire site to unregistered users.
  • Ability to hide submenu items (requires WordPress 3.2 or later).

Get the PRO version now as the discount will be removed quite soon…

myEASYhider PRO Regular
(install on one site)
$20.00 $10.00

myEASYhider PRO Extended
(install on all your sites, present and future)
$200.00 $100.00

We are moving the “Service” server so services will be temporarily not working.

Unfortunately my first job gets most of my time at the moment, anyways I will try to get it back as soon as possible.

Looking for a widget showing some posts of your Google account?
Get the free plugin

There is no need for a plugin to add the +1 button on your site.
All you need to do is:

Place this tag in your head or just before your close body tag:
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Place this tag where you want the +1 button to render:

For further information visit the Google official page

Had some emails in the last couple of weeks stating the ally service is not working anymore. I have now updated the expiry date to the end of 2011 so that you can enjoy the service for free. If/when I can finally find the time to add the features I have in mind these features will most probably released as a payware plugin.
If you have any feature suggestion to add please feel free to do so!

As usual, right after I release a new version, there are some users finding out a new issue: thanks! I mean it, this makes the plugins better and more reliable :-)

This version fixes some issues caused by other plugins preventing the JavaScript code to be properly loaded.

Download myEASYbackup 1.0.7

P.S. The last update date at seem to be fixed, great!

Thank you!
myeasywp journey ends here.

Now we are focusing on FencePress – an innovative system made by a Premium Plugin and an iPhone/Android App created to help you easily making your WordPress installation more secure.

FencePress will help you to add a barrier around your WordPress site, making it more secure so that it will not become compromised.