Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions I receive from the plugin users.

On this page you will find FAQ related to both the free and the PRO versions.

The latest myEASYhider PRO version is 1.1.2: if you are a legitimate customer, ask for your free upgrade.

I bought the PRO version and accidentally upgraded trough the dashboard after you released a new FREE version. How can I get back the PRO features?


To optimize the maintenance myEASYhider shares the basic features code between the FREE and the PRO versions.
To upgrade a FREE version to the PRO simply copy the following files: myEASYhider-PRO.js and myEASYhider-PRO.php in the /wp-content/plugins/myeasyhider folder: the FREE plugin will recognize and use these files automatically.

I accidentally hided myself out and cannot administer my blog anymore =(


myEASYhider provides, since version 1.0.5, a tool to reset ALL the plugin settings.
For usage instructions please see the /wp-content/plugins/myeasyhider/myeasyhider-reset file.

If you are missing the myeasyhider-reset file, download and install the latest version overwriting the actual one.

How do I upgrade from the free to the PRO version?

  1. Make a backup of the database
  2. Disable the free plugin
  3. Remove the free plugin folder
  4. Install the PRO version
  5. Enable the PRO version

How do I install the PRO version?


The PRO version is an upgrade to the FREE version.

  1. Download the FREE version
  2. Install the FREE version as you normally do with other plugins
  3. Unzip the PRO version
  4. Upload (by FTP) the myeasyhider-pro folder in your /wp-content/plugins folder
  5. Activate the PRO license
  6. Activate the FREE version through the ‘Plugins’ menu in the WordPress Administration page
  7. Open the plugin tools page, which is located under `Settings -> myEASYhider PRO` and let the plugin work for you

None of the previous answers gives me an indication about how to solve my issue, how can I get some help?

First of all check if there is a beta available, if you find it please give it a try and report as soon as possible any issue.
If no beta is available, please get in touch by using the support site: I do usually answer within 48 hours, occasionally my main work keep me very busy during the week, in such case you will get an answer the next weekend.


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