Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions I receive from the plugin users.

I got the API key, how can I use it?

  1. Open the settings page
  2. Enter the API key
  3. Click on the Activate button

As shown in the following image:

I have opened the account, installed and activated the myEASYwebally plugin but I still not received any report


Once installed, the plugin updates the information about your blog when someone visits your blog. To force the information update log out from the administration and refresh a page.
The services server checks all registered blogs every half an hour, at hh:00 and hh:30 – so there could be a 30 minutes delay before the system gets the info update from your blog.
Once the services server got the info, you will be able to check the report on the server after you log in with your credentials.

The report is sent every night at 00:59 (server time), so you will get the first email report within 24 after your blog created the information page.

Please note that, to save your resources, your blog will update the information page only once per day so, if the information gets updated while you are working on the blog, it may be possible that the full set of plugins is reported only after 48 hours.

None of the previous answers gives me an indication about how to solve my issue, how can I get some help?

First of all check if there is a beta available, if you find it please give it a try and report as soon as possible any issue.
If no beta is available, please get in touch by using the support site: I do usually answer within 48 hours, occasionally my main work keep me very busy during the week, in such case you will get an answer the next weekend.


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