ionCube Installation Tutorial

The professional versions of our products are encrypted using ionCube to protect our intellectual rights.

These days most servers/webhosts have ionCube support compiled into the PHP build by default so you don’t normally need to do anything extra for it.


Is ionCube already installed on my server?

If you like to test a PHP script encoded with ionCube on your server:

  1. Download the test script
  2. Extract the contents of the archived file on your local PC to a folder of your choice
  3. Upload the ioncube.php script via FTP to your domain webspace /public_html folder
  4. Launch the script, for example:
  5. Remember to remove the script once you completed the test

How to install ionCube

If your server does not have ionCube support already enabled, you can obtain FREE Loaders for your server platform at the ionCube site.

There you will also find Loader Wizard PHP script to help with installation is available as a Zip and tgz archive.

Download and install the script into your web space, and then launch the script in your browser for guidance on installation and selection of the correct Loader package.

On many web servers the Loader can be enabled automatically with no changes to the php.ini file or server restart required. Alternatively a single line can be added to the php.ini file.

If you are still having ionCube issues our support team are unable to assist with this. Instead please contact ionCube support directly.

Thank you!
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