I recently changed the site look with a stylish theme made by an Italian designer. What about letting me know your feelings about the new look?

The nicest comment will get a free unlimited license for both myEASYbackup and myEASYhider PRO: what are you waiting for?

Right after I released the new site look at the beginning of May, I found out that some other sites are distributing the professional versions of myEASYhider PRO plugin for free without my permissions.

As I have invested a lot of time in creating the myEASY’s series plugins and I have a family to take care of, I am forced to copy protect my software. This means I cannot release it under the GPL License anymore. For this reason some of my plugins were removed from the plugin directory – without notice! – on May 15, 2012!!

Starting today, all the myEASY’s series plugins are exclusively available at MYEASYWP.COM:

  • myEASYwebally
  • myEASYbackup
  • myEASYhider

I hope to keep serving your needs the myEASY way as I did in the last 2 years.

Thank you to everyone who contributed in the past by donating any amount of money! I will soon send all contributors a free coupon for licenses for both myEASYwebally and myEASYbackup plugins!

Ugo Grandolini aka Mr. Camaleo

Take care and please keep supporting the software industry!
Ugo Grandolini


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    myeasywp journey ends here.

    Now we are focusing on FencePress – an innovative system made by a Premium Plugin and an iPhone/Android App created to help you easily making your WordPress installation more secure.

    FencePress will help you to add a barrier around your WordPress site, making it more secure so that it will not become compromised.