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Each plugin is developed following a detailed coding standard that ensures its highest quality!

Our plugins are used daily on a professional environments and updated to the latest WordPress releases in the shortest amount of time.

  • myEASYwebally
    How much time do you spend to perform your WordPress blogs/sites maintenance?
    This plugin replaces (and offer better features!) than its predecessor, myEASY Plugin Safe Upgrade, now deprecated.
    3.5 Compatible!
  • myEASYbackup
    Backup, restore, migrate your WordPress installation, both code and MySQL tables, with a single click!
    3.5 Compatible!
  • myEASYhider
    If you use WordPress to create sites and blogs for your customers, you surely need to hide some features of the administration panel to avoid huge disaster waking you up in the middle of the night!
    3.5 Compatible!
  • myEASYdb
    Manage your MySQL tables in the easiest and quickest way!
    We will test it with 3.5 later...
    Help non-profit organizations to spread the word about their activities on the largest possible number of WordPress blogs/sites.
    3.5 Compatible!

Thank you!
myeasywp journey ends here.

Now we are focusing on FencePress – an innovative system made by a Premium Plugin and an iPhone/Android App created to help you easily making your WordPress installation more secure.

FencePress will help you to add a barrier around your WordPress site, making it more secure so that it will not become compromised.