Help non-profit organizations to spread the word about them!

noprofeed.orgHelp non-profit organizations to spread the word about their activities on the largest possible number of WordPress blogs/sites.

How it works.

1) participating non-profit organizations register for free at – they only need a site able to send an RSS feed with their news;

2) bloggers and site owners – based on WordPress – looking to help non-profit organizations, install the freely available plugin; then they can easily configure how the widget used to display the feeds should look like on their blog, including colors and size. Finally the blogger sets a number of parameters about what kind of contents will be presented by the widget, including the country where the non-profit organization operates, the language of the feed, one or more tags (such as: education, environment, etc.). From that moment on the plugin will take care to download the relevant data once a day and to feed it to the widget.

Are you willing to help non-profit organizations by simply installing this plugin?

Conceived at seed by Luca Botturi, Matteo Jurina and Mr Camaleo, developed with a lotta Love by Mr Camaleo.

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