Protect Your Rights

Avoid to get business partners you do not even know!

After spending an incredible amount of time to develop your WordPress plugin (or theme) and all its related material like the manual, a video presentation, the web site to promote it, etc., you feel so proud you can finally buy a pizza by selling it for a few dollars…

However you will eventually realize that you are not the only one buying pizzas thanks to your own effort: it happens that there are a number of business partners you didn’t even know they existed but they are practically taking money out of your pocket without even thanking you!

I did the experience, believe me is not a nice feeling at all… anyways as I like to see problems as challenges I was forced to find a way to protect my code.

Yes, I know, open source is great but I think when someone works she/he deserves to get paid for his time, energy and, if passionate like me, all the Love involved.

Protect your rights!

On 2010 I started to develop and make available for free a number of plugins trough — later I published my first professional version plugin, myEASYhider PRO, that I recently discovered it became available as a free download on a number of sites like:,,,, and to name a few.

By protecting the code, the plugins are/will not be released anymore under the GPL License. As a matter of fact, removed most of my plugins from their servers without notice on May 15, 2012 – even myEASYwebally that will never have a PRO version (myEASYwebally was kindly restored on May 17: thanks Mark!) removed once again on May 25 and myEASYbackup that still does not have it!

Maybe you better like to keep your plugins open source, but I recommend you do not try to sell them unprotected unless you’d like to have some business partners you do not even know, for example, that sells myEASYhider PRO with a 75% discount!

If you are interested in protecting your code with an innovative system that does not allow anyone to take advantage of your effort, please get in touch: every idea and business proposal will be carefully evaluated and answered.

Thank you!

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    Thank you!
    myeasywp journey ends here.

    Now we are focusing on FencePress – an innovative system made by a Premium Plugin and an iPhone/Android App created to help you easily making your WordPress installation more secure.

    FencePress will help you to add a barrier around your WordPress site, making it more secure so that it will not become compromised.