Do you need 48 hours per day to complete all your tasks?

The services server

How much time do you spend to perform your WordPress blogs/sites maintenance?

Are you sure the new plugins you are going to install will not break your WordPress installation?

Are all your plugins and your theme ready for the latest version of WordPress?

More WordPress installations you run, more time you need to run the proper maintenance: be aware that not keeping your installations updated its a risky business!

Now you can save a lot of precious time by using our automated system doing most of the work for you! The system is made of two different items: the myEASYwebally plugin and the services server.

The myEASYwebally plugin takes care of collecting the information you need to know about your WordPress installations at regular intervals of time.

The services server checks the pages created by myEASYwebally at regular intervals of time and keeps a list of all the installed plugins, their related information as well as some useful information about your WordPress installation.

You can easily check the status of all your WordPress installations at the services server whenever you want.

If you like you can also get a very useful detailed report by email at predefined intervals of time – like every day, week, month, etc. – simply by setting the frequency in your control panel. The report include all the information you need to know to decide what and when to update.

Changelog for


The version reflects the release date: YY.MM.DD

Version 12.6.12

  • Fixed : trying to download myEASYbackup from the My licenses page used to show the following error: "Download system under maintenance [2], please try again later."
  • Added : added info buttons in the Sign In form to better explain a couple of fields

Version 12.6.10

  • Fixed : sometimes allocating a license when inserting a new domain did not save the allocation
  • Added : added info buttons in the Sign In form to better explain a couple of fields

Version 12.6.1

  • Fixed : sometimes invalidating coupons did not work

Version 12.5.30

  • Fixed : when adding a new blog the ally check is not performed anymore
  • Fixed : cleaned the code in the head section
  • Fixed : the "redeeem a coupon" was not visible in all circumstances
  • Added : a box explaining how to set the user general preferences
  • Added : the ability to validate the myEASYwebally call just to be sure that your blog is properly settted up
  • Added : better explanation in the user settings page for the credentials

Version 12.5.15

The first release.

Thank you!
myeasywp journey ends here.

Now we are focusing on FencePress – an innovative system made by a Premium Plugin and an iPhone/Android App created to help you easily making your WordPress installation more secure.

FencePress will help you to add a barrier around your WordPress site, making it more secure so that it will not become compromised.